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discovered at lynnbrook in san jose. monte vista and lincoln schools are both closed. >> reporter: check out the scene behind me this is as far as we can get. they've still got the roads shutdown. they got call about a threat at:39 in morning. they shutdown two -- 6:39 this morning. they shutdown two schools, brought in bomb handlers and bomb sniffing dogs. this is -- graffiti at lynnbrook high saying a bomb has been placed at monte vista high in cupertino intend to kill a teacher. many students say they know him and like him. >> that's the shocking part he's one of the nicest teachers at our school. >> i was so surprised it was him. to me, personally, i would think it is a mistake.
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a lot of people don't like him, i don't know why. i don't think anybody would actually end up like planting a bomb. >> reporter: investigators say they can't be too sure. they shutdown monte vista high for the day along with lincoln because it is next door and the streets and the two schools. they are doing what they can to protect the teacher. >> there is a deputy or two that are staying with the teacher and his family just to ensure his safety and the safety of his family members. he's holding up well. >> i'm kind of worried, scared, hopefully everything works out. >> i feel really bad that it was like this that's the reason the school shutdown if i could, i would turn it around like change it. >> reporter: says the morning looking for a device -- investigators spent the morning looking for a device. >> we have not found or located any suspicious package. we are continuing with our
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operation probably another two to three hours to be able to finish. >> reporter: that was at about 10:15, they still have a ways to go. they say if and when they clear the schools they will open the streets, but the schools are closed for the day. officials say even if it is a hoax it is a felony charge. at this point they don't want to comment about suspects they may have or whether they have think. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. there are start leng crime figures from the east bay this morning. chronicle obtained new statistics from the oakland police department showing a dramatic drop in the number of stops they perform. oakland police officers stopping roughly 75% fewer dryers and pedestrians this year than -- drivers and pedestrians this year than three years.
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major crimes such as robbery and burglary up 23% this year. judge has approved the city's plan to place the department under federal control it puts compliance director in place to oversee the chief's moves. that comes on the heels of a 2003 civil rights case settled by the city. new details are coming to light today about the masked again man who went on a deadly shooting spree at a portland mall. hanna talked about her ex-boyfriend jake roberts. ays before the shooting he quit his job saying he was moving to hawaii this weekend. she says he was not the violent type. police say tuesday afternoon roberts opened fire in the clackamas town center, killing two and wounding a teenaged girl before killing himself. marin county teen accused
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of stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini and shooting at two people, back in court this morning his attorneys are challenging the complaint. police say he stole the car so he could impress a girl after she rejected himself accused of shooting at a car with the girl and her boyfriend inside. the judge ruled there is enough evidence against wade and ordered him to stand trial on various charges, including attempted murder. rain not a worry most of the worries are on king tides in some of the low-lying areas of the bay. >> here's meteorologist mike nicco. they peaked already today 10:34 this morning at the golden gate where we saw it reached 7.2 feet, that is the highest we are going to have this year. we'll repeat tomorrow, pretty close at 11:24.
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the winds a little factor along the bay shoreline, a little gusty that helps bank moisture against the banks or shoreline that has created a higher surge. this is what it has done in our parking lot here in san francisco, places that you thought may be safe underground a little wet weather here this is minimal compared to what other people are seeing this morning. tomorrow we'll have the second largest one. >> you don't think you are going to be driving through floods in your own garage. those king tides are causing minor flooding in other places besides our garages. scientists tell us they are the result of a unique alignment of the sun, moon and earth. terry mcsweeney joins us from the saint francis yacht club. could this be a glimpse of the future? >> reporter: that's what some are saying.
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marina boulevard there and right here steps that are no longer available to be stepped only available for wading now because of that high tide that you were talking about. video of what the king tides are doing around san francisco right now, yesterday, today and tomorrow. this is stuff from along marina boulevard at some point you are going to see a walkway submerged, water up where not expected to be. you are going to see what rising tides do in mill valley 101 highway 1 exit. right now that exit is closed northbound because of flooding. the california king tides initiative wants everyone to document what is going on. these pictures are an example of what they want to see. they believe these pictures are powerful accelerating discussion of the california coastline of the future with a permanently higher sea level. >> open up a conversation in a way where it is no longer polarized and conflicting just a conversation of look, this
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is what we have that is at risk now, how can we build in such a way that communities are resilient to sea levels and climate change? >> reporter: the initiative wants to you help them document all of this, because they say, with the permanently rising tides this is what it is going to be looking like at some point down the road in california. the time to plan is now. if you would like to upload pictures that you might be able to take today or tomorrow, if you took some yesterday that would be great too go to click on see it on tv we have linked you to the king tides initiative, where you can go to upload your pictures and help them get a better look at our future. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. still ahead, good news from the latest report on the bay area housing market. san francisco police officer comes under the microscope after a video a
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wild joyride through the city goes viral. out of jail and back in the u.s. what silicon valley security software pioneer john mcafee is say
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the san francisco police officer at the center of a controversial video is the focus of an internal affairs investigation this is the video in question posted on facebook. sergeant carl t uploaded the video saying tomorrowed 100
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miles an hour driving in a lamborghini through the broadway tunnel. a comment by sergeant t says it is roomier than you think, plus we were all drunk. he legally changed his name to sergeant t from sergeant tannenbaum has not returned our calls. 7300 new and existing hopes were sold last month down a little from october up 15 1/2% from a year ago. the median price last month was $438,000, up 20% from november 2011. the number of bay area homes sold last month for over half a million dollars was up 36%. the number sold below half a million down almost 13%. silicon valley millionaire software designer mogul john mcafee is back in the u.s. confessing to pretending to act crazy. he said it was his only way out of bellies where he's
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wanted for questioning in a murder. -- out of belize where he's wanted for questioning in a murder. >> reporter: he hasn't answered questions but a talker. his blog has been a blow by blow account of his odyssey. his most recent post was overnight a message to the media something for privacy. he has received dozens of comments, offers of support to that posting. connie says, if you need to get a room, i will pay for it. johann says, give me your account number, i will help. paul says, glad you are safe. john mcafee says he's broke but not short on cash thanks to the kindness of strangers. he sat didn't for an interview with matt gutman and flashed this stack he said someone dropped it off at the hotel for him. he's staying in miami arriving from the u.s. in guatemala on a commercial plane last night. >> they called his name they
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said please come to the front and he walked to the front. >> he was been on the move in the headlines for weeks. he snuck out of belize where authorities want to question him in the murder of his neighbor, an american . he slipped illegally into guatemala. he tells abc it was part of his master plan that he even faked heart problems to make it happen. >> what about your illness? >> what about my illness? >> was that part of the deception? >> of course it kept me from going back to bellies what is the best story millionaire madman on the run. you paid attention to the story. >> because you acted like a mad man. >> i did and it worked. >> reporter: this is a win for mcafee as he's not wanted in the u.s. for that matter he's not officially wanted in belize either. >> not only has he not being charged he's not named a suspect. at this point there's a guy in the u.s. who belize would like
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to talk to. that's not an enormous legal hurdle. >> reporter: mcafee says his own legal woes are not his first priority. he's focusing on getting both girlfriends to the u.s., ages 20 and 17. mcafee says he did not kill his neighbor on his blog he's offering a $25,000 reward to help find the real killer. it is sunny out there. it is cold. >> temperatures one to 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. a lot of frost this morning. the sunshine looks inviting it is going to be changing quickly tomorrow, saturday and a couple days next book active pattern with rain on the way. area code changes could be coming to a big part of the bay area. plus, changing course how gaggle is helping apple
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some people in the 415 area code may have a new area
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code, it covers san francisco, marin and parts of brisbane and daly city it is expected to run out of numbers by 2015 a new area code 628 will be introduced. meetings on that change start next month. google maps back on top of the apple apps world this morning it returned to the itune store this morning capturing the top spot for free iphone apps, nearly three months after apple kicked google maps out and replaced it with apple's own mapping app which was ridiculed for wrong or missing information. google maps gives you turn by turn directions and works with the ipad. welcome back. >> turn right, sunshine ahead. someone trying to find baseball fields on the weekend that would be nice. we have today not going to stay long several storms
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coming our way very weak and going to bring chances of rain and more snow up to the sierra looks lovely over lake tahoe this morning from heaven mountain resort thank you for providing this for us. back at home, less cloud cover from vollmer peak back towards san francisco, live doppler 7 hd, spinning north on mount st. helena, next storm coming from the north tonight we'll be able to see it before it gets to your neighborhood during tomorrow morning's commute. i'll get you there that with live doppler. san rafael 39, fog lingered loner than elsewhere most of us mid to upper 40s, 50 mountain view, oakland and half moon bay. monterey bay low to mid 50s watsonville and monterey everybody else upper 40s. partly cloudy today, cooler than average dry rain tomorrow
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and saturday and more chances next week these are the nickel and dime varieties, aren't huge like we saw come going the west. these are coming from the north. they are reinforcing coolness of this air mass, low to mid 50s, mostly sunny. little warmer in the car, mid five around the monterey bay and inland, 30s and 40s tonight clouds come in late enough that temperatures will drop into cool levels. tomorrow morning the best chance of seeing rain is along the sonoma county coast. a lot of rain into southern california, next one, unsettled and cold air mass storms up to alaska grabbing cold air and riding back down losing a lot of moisture in the process this is going to be enough to mess with your morning commute but not enough to cause flooding.
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7:00 best chance of rain along the coast, everywhere else light sprinkles, even drizzle possible that will continue through 9:00, bulk of the storm stays near the coast later rain tapering. 5:00 it is over, friday night that at day morning cool night because of lack of clouds, clouds roll in early saturday morning. first chance of rain 11:00 in the north bay. while this looks more impressive than the first storm because it hangs around longer it is not going to be. we are going to have rainfall amounts of a 10th to quarter of an inch out of tomorrow's storm up to a 10th of an inch possible saturday, sunday looking dry more chances of below average temperatures and rain monday through wednesday, next week. still ahead, are you looking for some things to do for the weekend? for the weekend? >> next, fest
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and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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. update on breaking news in cupertino the deputies have finished sweeping monte vista high and deemed it safe they've reopened all roads in
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that area. earlier there was a bomb threat written at a different school many monte vista high and lincoln elementary was closed as they investigated a threat. it has been given the all-clear. there's a holiday theme to a lot of events around the bay area this weekend. >> here's don sanchez with what's hot: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> before we go we want to thank everybody who took part in abc7's share your whole day food drive. >> together we've raised $13,000 and collected more than 2500 pounds of food. donations are still being counted. >> you can still help and keep helping call the number on the screen: >> or text the word feed to 80077 to donate $10 automatically using your cell phone.
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you, guys. hello, everyone, and welcome to millionaire. well, things are exciting around here today because every contestant has a chance to win broadway tickets not just for themselves but for an entire row of our audience. [cheers and applause] and today's tickets are to a wonderful broadway show. if the contestant picks the row number--your row number in particular--you're going

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